SoundCloud and Video Directory

Adam Clarke, Halifax, NS Canada

Alexander Johnson, Eugene, OR
Video: Ah Sunflower

Alishan Gezgin, Atlanta, GA

Alyssa Rodriguez, Ithaca, NY

Andrew Stiefel, Eugene, OR

  Andrew Sigler, Austin TX (web)
Video: Sparrows Jump Nine Sandpipers, I. Quicksilver

Brandon Stewart, Vancouver, WA
Video: I Shall Not Care

Brett Banducci, Los Angeles, CA

Brittany Studer, Eugene, OR

  Christopher Everingham, MT

Clare Glackin. Los Angeles, CA

Daniel J. Knaggs, Houston, TX
Video: Ave Maria No. 7 Regina Familiae (2011)

  David Sackmann, Spokane, WA


Ethan Berg, Chicago, IL

George Thomas Marie, Salt Lake City, UT


Ian Guthrie, Vancouver, WA

  Iris Ceulemans. Madison, WI


James Kallembach, Chicago, IL

  John Goforth, Eugene, OR

  Joseph Miller, Bloomington, IN

Joseph Stillwell, San Francisco, CA

Keith Allegretti, Variations on the Song of Seikilos with Brian Coughlin, Bass

  Lacy Rose, Austin, TX
Video: Hope I Movement I

Leo Hurley, New York, NY

Liam Elliot, Wolfville, NS Canada


  Milo Fultz, Eugene, OR

Neil A. Windt, Chicago, IL

Nicole Portley, Eugene, OR

Peter B. Kay, Spartanburg, SC
Video: Mountain

Philip Price, Coldwater

  Rachel Beetz, San Diego, CA

  Robert Chastain, San Francisco, CA

Sauder Choi, Boston, MA
Video: Paper Boats (2013)

  Sean Fredenburg, Eugene, OR

  Stacey Philipps, Portland, OR

Tom Morrison, Missoula, MT

Travis Alford, West Newton, MA (Also hear
Video: Riffs and Echoes



Video links access a Symposium performance.

This directory is intended as a resource for sharing and listening to the work of participants in the 2013 Oregon Bach Festival Composers Symposium. It is not affiliated with the OBF or the University of Oregon.

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