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OCF concert in Beall Hall
OCF Concert Beall Hall

The Oregon Composers Forum is a University of oregon School of Music and Dance group comprised of upper division and graduate-level compostion majors committed to the creation and performance of new music. This is a listing of work by current and former members of the OCF. It begins with notice of new recordings posted on SoundCloud and other services since September, 2014.

Pedram Diba
Piano Quartet (2015) Julianne Shepard (piano), Izabel Austin (Violin), Sean Flynn (Viola), Nora Willauer (cello), and Justin Ralls ( conductor).

John Goforth
Crimson for soprano and ensemble with Eseli Gomez (soprano), Matt Zavortink (flute), Colleen White (clarinet), Noah Jenkins (violin), Kathryn Brunhaver (cello), and Rhys Gates (bass)

Noah Jenkins
Prelude for solo cello performed by Kelly Quesada, June 7, 2014.

out of returning toward performed by Virginia Backmann (flute), Kathleen Andrews (violin) and J.J. Penna (piano). Commissioned by Carol Crumlish for New Music On the Point 2015

Alexander Johnson
Piano Trio No. 1 In the Light of Winter (2014) with Charlie Hankin (violin), Jennifer Jordan (cello) and Evan Paul (piano

The Everlasting Voices - I. The Voices Are Summoned. The first movement of a cantata for solo mezzo-soprano, chamber chorus, and large chamber ensemble. The text is an adaptation of "The Everlasting Voices" by W. B. Yeats. Master composition.

Rebecca Larkin
Theme and Variations (2012) with Rex Darnell (piano)

Bryce Miller
Bokeh (2014) with Matthew Zavortink, (flute), Colleen White (clarinet), Chris Ives (violin), Christina Tatman, (viola) and Ramsey Sadaka (cello)

Dark Nebula (2014) for violin, clarinet, piano and fixed media with Christopher Ives (violin), Colleen White, (clarinet), and Bryce Miller (piano).

Suspension (2015) for fixed media

Evan C. Paul
Three Rainy-Day Barcarolles, Op. 32 (1), (2), and (3) for piano and bassoon (2011). Aaron Pergram (bassoon) composer at the piano.

Benjamin Penwell
In a garden (2015) for alto flute, violin, cello, bass, percussion and two pianists with with Bryce Miller and Ben Penwell (piano), Rebecca Larkin (alto flute) Izabel Austin (violin), Makenna Carrico (cello) Rhys Gates (bass), David Sackmann (percussion) and Matt Zavortink, conducting.

Unintended Structures 1-4 (2015) for alto flute, bass/c flute, bass clarinet, violin, viola, cello, and bass. Performed by Matt Zavortink and Sam Golter (flute), Colleen White (bass clarinet), Izabel Austin (violin), Andrew Stiefel (viola), Ramsey Sadaka (cello), and Rhys Gates (bass).

Everything Ends in Failure (2015) for mixed media. The main samples used are recorded feedback sounds, a single cello note, and a woman's voice.

The tree-limbs became like arms, and I was dragged unwilling into the darkened river of sleep (2015) For ensemble including percussion, cello and bass.

Chris Prosser
Whater Shot (2015) for flute, clarinet, viola, and cello.

Diana Rosenblum
Runes for solo piano. Diana Rosenblum, piano
Three Fugues for double reed quartet (oboe, english horn and 2 bassons)

Brandon Scott Rumsey
Peaches in November (Mezzo-Soprano) and Planting Tulips (Mezzo-Soprano) form In the Primal Garden featuring Annie Rosen and Leann Osterkamp recorded live at the NYFOS Next concert February 27, 2015.

David Sackmann
If I Should Die (2015) for soprano, flute, clarinet, oboe, violin and cello. Peformed by Esteli Gomez (soprano), Rebecca Larkin (flute), Chelsea Oden (clarinet), Laura Goben (oboe), Noah Jenkins (violin), Kathryn Brunhaver(cello), with David Sackmann conducting.

"tl;dr" (2015) for flute quartet. Performed by Sam Golter, Alexis Evers, Savannah Gentry and Matt Zavortink.

Brittany Studer
Endure (2015) for violin, cello, and piano, with Izabel Austin (violin), Molly Tourtelot (cello) and Rex Darnell (piano)

The Silence-Main Theme (2015) A midi version of the main theme of The Silence (post production), a locally made independent feature film. Watch the teaser trailer here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQDryXKHd9g

Nikolai Valov
Piano Quintet? for piano and unconventional string quartet. Violin - Izabel Austin Cello 1 - Nora Willauer Cello 2 - Makenna Carrico Bass- Rhys Gates Piano - Nikolai Valov Conductor - Benjamin Penwell

Jacob Tyler Walls
Walls 2

Addisson Wong
Funky Jazz
Mike Hsu (solo violin)

SHARE YOUR WORK: Are you a current or former Oregon Composer Forum member who has music to add to this directory? First "like" the OCF Facebook page, if you haven't already, and post notice about the latest composition you'd like to have added to this resource. That information will be gathered once a month and a listing created here. We would like to keep each composer's listing to an inital six works.

OCF concert in Beall Hall
OCF Concert Aasen-Hull Hall

OREGON COMPOSERSWATCH: Portland's ArtWatch publication maintaines an online directory of composers with Oregon roots. Current and former OCF Members listed on that site include: Alyssa Aska, Michael G. Banks, Robert Chastain, David Eisenband, Ethan Gans-Morse, John Goforth, Danial Heila, Noah Jenkins, Alexander LaFollett, Justin Ralls, Brandon Scott Rumsey, Andrew Stiefel, Jeff Tinsley, and Jacob Walls

An index of articles about Eugene and Portland related music events with an emphasis on OCF members is available online.